The FEDeRATED project ran from 2019 7 til March 2024, executing 4 interconnected Activities.

  1. Vision (2019)
    • Elaboration on the concept of the federative network of platforms,
    • Identifying the envisaged opportunities for the public and private sector
    • Determine the core operating framework
  2. Master Plan (2019-2023) – to be developed in two phases - relating to
    • The minimum data set based on which the design principles of federative network of platforms architecture can be fulfilled.
    • The organisational and functional requirements and technical specifications for building a federated network of platforms.
  3. Testing: Pilots and Living Labs (2019-2023) relating to:
    • Development of components and functionalities
    • Innovation environments to validate solutions and meeting particular objectives of a Living Lab, i.e. Registration of stakeholders; Access Points for interoperability between IT back office systems; Federative platforms (and services) for B2G and B2B data sharing; Cross-sector (road, rail, etc.) data (re-use).
  4. Consultation (2019-2023)
    • A platform for all stakeholders, i.e. to exchange knowledge, experience and interest and to connect to projects, including other CEF project e.g. FENIX project.
    • Incorporating business approaches and solutions into the framework being elaborated in the FEDeRATED Master Plan (2020 and 2023 beyond) on a EU-wide, national and possibly international level.

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This project is co-funded by the European Commission Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)